Taxes increasingly represent a greater economic and administrative burden for companies and therefore we offer personalized advice and value for the client. We have more than 15 years of experience and have a deep knowledge of local and international regulations in this area.

Our services include:
· Tax planning.
· Preparation and review of tax returns.
· Tax audits.
· Advice on corporate restructuring (mergers, acquisitions, etc.)
· Advice on tax inspections.

We offer our clients tax solutions regardless of geographical boundaries. We have international experience and master studies that allow us to advise our clients in structuring and managing their international businesses in order to achieve the highest tax efficiencies.
In addition to this, we actively participate in major international conferences and have a network of partners at the international level.

In that framework, we offer the following services:
· Determination of tax alternatives according to the needs of each client.
· Incorporation of international corporate vehicles (holding, traders, trusts, etc.).
· Maintenance and compliance of companies.
· Re-domiciliation of companies.
· Advice on the application of international agreements.

We focus on the fact that our clients can dedicate themselves entirely to their business and for this we provide an integral solution to the companies that includes:

· Accounting: Processing of accounting data. Preparation of Accounting Statements. Conversion to foreign currency. Consolidation of Accounting Statements. Preparation of periodic reports for the management of the company.

· Liquidation of remunerations and social charges: Monthly liquidation of remunerations. Presentation of payrolls, high and low BPS. Liquidation and payment of contributions to the BPS. Maintenance of Work Sheet. Liquidation and issuance of receipts.

· Advising and administration Corporate-Acts: Maintenance of corporate books. Registration of Accounting Statements before the Internal Audit of the Nation. Reform of statutes. Capital increases. Mergers and transformations.

We provide advice and assistance to clients to incorporate companies, trusts and trusts in international jurisdictions.
Our services include the incorporation of the selected entity and its corresponding maintenance accounting, tax and corporate.

We advise individuals from the entire region on their tax aspects, inheritance and patrimonial protection, offering them the necessary vehicles to achieve these objectives.

Within this framework, we help clients in matters such as:
· Personal tax settlement.
· Tax and Inheritance Planning.
· Obtaining tax residences in various jurisdictions.
· Certificates of tax residency.
· Application of conventions to avoid double taxation.
· Advice on the application of regulations FATCA, CRS, etc.
· Administration of financial and non-financial assets

In addition to the above, our personalized approach and trust with the client gives us a privileged position which allows us to generate synergies and business opportunities in various areas such as financing, private equity, purchase and sale of companies and investments.